Floral Eyes and Reveries

Regina. 23. New Jersey.
I believe in God.
I am a writer.
She flies with her own wings.
Above all else, I guard my heart.
I existed long before you knew me. I've always been someone.
I am not one with intentions to be rude and bash anyone I don’t know over the internet, but to log on to facebook and see this first thing in the morning makes ME want to vomit.In addition, not only are you are being ridiculous by not accepting interacial couples, but your blatant use of the “n-word”? Personally, you sound pretty lame.I am proud of who I am. African American on my father’s side, Italian and Puerto Rican on my mother’s side. My brother has dated women of all colors and races. I have a friend, who works with me, that is black, who proposed and is engaged to his white girlfriend. So if that disgusts you, then you need to make arrangements on sealing yourself in your room and begin your stages of vegetation.All that views this; tune out such garbage. Love and romance have no borders or walls that the heart can not take on, and that includes color.
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