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You are loved!
leathernpearls: I enjoy your blog :) don't know why you followed me in the first place, but regardless, I'm glad I followed you! Have a wonderful day dear!!


leather and pearls

go together like you and i

but even the sun and the moon

will eventually get it right.


So this morning, I woke up and though about a moment where I was shopping at Genaurdi’s, and the lady behind me had the most beautiful tulips. I mentioned this to her and she told me she would give them to me, but I declined, saying I would get them when I come back shopping. I pay for my items and as I was walking towards my car, the lady ran after me and told me to take them and Happy Easter.

I actually wish I knew who you were so I could tell how I cried so hard afterwards because I was so sad and it was so lovely. I love you for it.

Also, I’ve been writing lately.

"I exist in two places,
here and where you are."
-Selected Poems (1965-1975) (Margaret Atwood)


I become a lake when you cry;
when every teardrop you shed
ripples my heart into
slight disturbances. 

Unsettling as it is—
tiny waves crash unto
the ridges of my bones;
tearing me apart
like driftwood kissing
an angry shore.

reginajolyne © 2013-2014 All rights reserved

You kept me in your shirt pocket while walking all alone.

I’m afraid you might of lost me somehow,

down the road, along the way, somewhere close to home.

Wherever, however,

but it doesn’t hurt the way “whenever” does.

I could of braced myself for the long fall,

wherever, however,

but to not see it coming,

has me wondering if you ever lost me at all.

reginajolyne © 2011-2012 All rights reserved

It’s a pattern I know all too well.

You begin as a daydream who morphs into a brilliant, live butterfly.

You wander in my direction, you linger all around me, at arms length,

captivating my heart with such breathtaking elegance.

Oh, with tender fingertips, how I could just brush you, your iridescent wings…

No! I built myself up so tall, I tip over and come crashing down.

You vanish, effortlessly.

Some things are too good to be true.

reginajolyne © 2011-2012 All rights reserved

I start to crumble under all of my grotesque fears,

yet in the space between my fears lies a faint pulse of desire.

It sickens me to the very marrow that I take so much to heart,

but I fight to hold you in the clutches of my mind.

I sit here in an amorous laced chaos.

reginajolyne © 2011-2012 All rights reserved

If I could weave you in and out of the lines of this paper,
every single stroke of my pen would not fall short
of extracting your perfection.

You give my calligraphy some extra curves.

reginajolyne © 2011-2012 All rights reserved

The smoke has cleared.

I confronted the things that were under my skin.

This shadow of vexation is dissipating.

What burdened my heart has finally been lifted.

The malice inside has been violently uprooted, thrown out.

I have conquered every obstacle in your toxic playground.

You all will take your place in my past, so fall back.

reginajolyne © 2011-2012 All rights reserved

It’s a moment where you find yourself chasing after those who run away from you. In the begining, you tell yourself, “I’m going to keep up”, over and over again. Perhaps, you catch up to them at some point, but soon you find yourself in the same exact chase all over again. Maybe a few times, maybe too many times to count. You are becoming faint, slowing down, and failing to keep up…until you are blindsided by something monolithic and penetrating, like nothing you could have prepared yourself to feel. It brings you to a sudden hault. It is begining to deny you of your familiar comfort. Your once firm attachment is being severed, and clarity is gradually breaking down the darkened film that was holding your heart hostage. As you lose sight of what was before you, which is now dissolving in the distance, your face is drawn to what is over your shoulder…where are you now? Who has been chasing you all along? What have you left behind and forgetten?

"I just cannot help
but to stare into your eyes
when you look at me."